Sogningen – culle
It flew away – Raska/GrĂ©nat

Katariin Raska is a musician based in Tallinn, Estonia. Performing mainly on soprano saxophone, torupill (Estonian bagpipe) and parmupill (jaw harp). She often gets driven by discovering different ways of creating sounds on them and exploring new paths for musical storytelling.

Katariin has collaborations with improvisers, folk musicians as well as poets and storytellers.
Her projects have often a common link with folk and traditional music, as well as free improvisation and experimental music.

Katariin is one of the front figures in Estonian jaws harp music and the pioneer of improvisational music on Estonian bagpipes.

She is alumni of an international music exchange programme
Making Tracks (2019).

Having a strong background in a choir and wind orchestra music Katariin got an opportunity to learn the Scottish highland bagpipes in her late teens. It led her to discover and eventually study the Estonian bagpipes in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. During the studies she took a year in Norwegian Academy of Music where years later she got her BA and MA (2013, 2016) in addition to the BA in Estonian traditional music (2010). One of the biggest influence from her Norwegian period for her musical language was discovering free improvisation and extended playing techniques. That journey is still on.